Designer Sterling Silver Launches their New Website

Designer Sterling Silver Launches their New Website

Today, after much work Dean has launched the New Designer Sterling Silver Website. He asks that you please visit all his pages and critique them and let him know if you find any errors.

In fact he is offering a chain of your choice FOR FREE if you will do this and let him know of any problems on the website. Just email him at and tell him what you found and he will take it from there.

He is also asking for suggestions for Blog posts, information you might want, questions you have. Anything engaging and if he is impressed, you too will get some free stuff.

Please also join the Club on the home page. Just give us your email address and we will send you occasional goodies, discount codes and more. You can certainly opt back out anytime.

Well that is all for this Blog, and oh, wait. Today we also got our first order! Awesome.


Staff (actually it is me, Dean) I don't have a staff yet and thought it would be fun writing this in third person... haha

Designer Sterling Silver

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