About Us



Designer Sterling Silver was born sometime in the 1990’s. Prior to this time there was "The Gold Mine". This predecessor of Designer Sterling Silver was in the business of selling both Sterling Silver Jewelry AND 14k Gold. This was a small business enterprise with just two people. Mary Elizabeth, the Founder and Vera, our head salesperson. At that time the co-owners of the Brand and Company were selling Gold and Silver Jewelry at small shows within the various Telephone Companies and sponsored by their "Pioneer Organizations", which were and are volunteer organizations made up of Telephone Company employees. Check out their websites for more information on these great organizations. We also sold at Hospitals and Large Corporations in the same manner, always helping one organization or another of volunteers.


In this way we were able to share and or give back some of our sales revenue to these deserving organizations at the same time offer Telephone Employees great prices on Sterling Silver Jewelry. In the 2000’s though, Telephone Operators and the overall number of employees necessary to support our Phone Systems across the USA became less and less with the digital age coming on. In the late summer of 2009 we went to visit some of the manufacturers whom our suppliers have used for years and made some direct connections. This allowed us to charge the consumer even less in addition to not having “Brick and Mortar” stores’ rent etc. In addition we were able to increase the quality of each and every item we design and sell.

So Designer Sterling Silver has moved on with this digital age and started selling our jewelry on Amazon.com and we were met with RAVE success therein. We still sell many of our staple items like Sterling Silver Chains made in Italy on Amazon.com. But this is only a small part of our business and who we are. We appreciate the job the Amazon is doing with small business in assisting them to sell their wares where they otherwise would not be able to do so. Additionally this has offered Designer Sterling Silver to make our Brand Known and for that we are forever grateful.











Now we are slowly offering our complete line(s) on our own website here. We have several lines.

  1. Designer Sterling Silver Jewelry - This is our Silver line of jewelry. We do not design all these pieces, however we do assist in the design of some of the jewelry and where we do, there is our logo “DSS” stamped on the pieces.

  2. Designer Stainless Steel - This line IS designed by us. Many of the types of items we sell like our chains, for instance, are “designed” by us. Though they are somewhat common (some of them) chains like the Figaro, Singapore, Rope etc. what IS different is the we have arranged with the TOP manufacturers to make these items with 100% SURGICAL Stainless Steel, and we also randomly assay these to ensure the highest quality materials are used. Again, you will see our logo “DSS” or “ME” stamped on our pieces.

  3. Swarovski Crystal Jewelry - This is our Anjelica Rose line of jewelry, 100% designed by us and is very popular jewelry. We have certain outlets where we regularly sell these items at a discount. We are incorporating these items into our overall line as well. So if you do not see much of this, stay tuned, you soon will. This jewelry is fashioned WITH 100% Swarovski Crystal Elements and our designs are inspired by the actual Jewelry you see in the various Swarovski Stores in the high end malls and at perhaps ⅓ the price. Our base molds are also made by many of the factories that the Swarovski Company uses for their jewelry. All these are stamped with “AR” on the piece.

 We stand ready to assist anyone with questions, so please get in touch with us at designer925@sbcglobal.net or dean@designersterlingsilver.com