2021 Christmas Is Coming

2021 Christmas Is Coming

Please be advised that the below is more of an op-ed than our normal blog post and is one person's opinion. (mine) That being said I hope you will read it and I do look forward to hearing what you think.



Now That You All Know That We Are "Sister Companies" Let's Talk About Smart Buying For Christmas

Everyone is talking about spooky Halloween. But all the SMART people are already thinking about Christmas. And I have a theory about why this is and some advice.

1) We all have memories of missing out on some fabulous gift we wanted to get but waited too long in the past Christmases.

2) Perhaps you all have heard about Truckers in America especially in and around California Ports. Thanks to the recent enactment of new regulations, all Trucks picking up or dropping off anything at the California Ports need to be no older than 3 years old. Talking about the trucks (the rigs). This cut the number of available trucks to pick up and distribute goods from overseas by OVER 50%.

3) The overall number of workers has also been cut thanks to the federal Gov't handing out $$ to unemployed people so that they make as much or more by staying at home than by working.

4)  Amazon (for one) has all year long been setting arbitrary limits on Sellers as to how much they will accept into their warehouses. Why? It is anybody's guess, however, it has cripled many sellers' ability to even sell through Amazon and will extend delivery times significantly in the near future.

So what does this all point to?

The "smart buyers" will buy early, before stock runs out.

So buyer beware.

By the way, we are prepared and have all our jewelry in stock.

For those customers of ours lucky enough to live in the Southern California LA area, here is our Sam's Club Road Show Schedule. (see below)







This is our Designer Sterling Silver Brand










We have done something different and unique on Amazon. We, as you can see from the image above offer a 100% Lifetime replacement warranty on ALL our Sterling Silver Chains.

We sell all sorts of Sterling Silver Jewelry on our website(s), both Accessory Snobs as well as Designer Sterling Silver.

BUT on Amazon, we offer the warranty on our chains as that is all we sell on there.

No one we have ever heard of has EVER offered a replacement warranty on Sterling Silver FOR LIFE. We do.

This does not apply to ALL our wares, just our Sterling Silver Chains on Amazon. But we will honor the warranty on either of our websites as well. Just reach out to us if you ever need to replace one of our chains.


Until next week, have a lovely week.
by Dean Glosup and
Mary Elizabeth
The Jewelry Lady



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