Happy New Year!! 2020

Happy New Year!! 2020

Happy New Year,


We hope your New Year has started out with a bang. We start every year by cleaning out the garage and closets. It gets easier every year because we are learning, possibly slow learners, but learning non the less, how to keep things organized through the year. And this is our way of jump starting ourselves and getting into production.


I did a huge re-organization on all my personal jewelry this last year. It all started when I couldn’t find my strand of pearls. Then I realized I couldn’t find my Mabe’ pearl earrings either!! That started a 2 week battle of collecting all of my jewelry into one central location. (drawer) And a cleaning spree that was a tad bit overwhelming which leads me to my main message.


You were probably wondering "where is she going with all of this?" And If I can digress for just one more moment, we have another business where we do "jewelry roadshows" at Sam’s Club selling what else but sterling silver of course.


I swear if I heard one more time the question, “will it turn black” I swear the cops would have to be called. Silver never has to turn Black!!! Hearing that question is like hearing nails being scratched on a black board for me. But if it has turned black let me tell you why... it’s either make-up, cologne, creams or perfume. I have never heard of any other cause.


Okay so what if your silver has turned black, can it be handled? 


YES, it can.


I will tell you the solution to it first and then tell you how to avoid it.


This is a home recipe I would use before all other cleaners.  The best explanation of the latest version is here on our Blog.




You can buy Tarn-x or Connoisseurs off of Amazon but man oh man, these two cleaners are really strong. You have to use them in a well-ventilated space and not get any of the liquid in your eyes or any open cuts. You have to follow the directions precisely, you cannot leave your jewelry in any longer than the directions state as these are harsh chemicals.


You can buy our polishing cloth, I have found it to be the best one out there.


Okay, so now you have your piece clean. Let’s not let it happen again, but how? 


Put all your creams, perfumes, colognes etc on and let them soak in COMPLETELY FIRST. Then put your jewelry on. It’s that easy. If you shower and keep your chain/jewelry on all the time, you will have to clean it to avoid it turning “black”.


When you aren’t wearing your jewelry, store silver pieces separately in airtight plastic bags or some such thing - as air tight as possible. It is truly as simple as that.


Silver reacts to the air, that’s why it tarnishes. It also cleans up beautifully, if cared for. 


I know it may not seem like it’s worth this much trouble when you can get chains from us as inexpensively as you do, but your chain can always be made look beautiful again.


Until we chat again, have the Bestest New Year ever.




Dean and Mary Elizabeth (mostly Mary Elizabeth this time...)


Mary Elizabeth Glosup


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