It's All About Sterling Silver Isn't it?

It's All About Sterling Silver Isn't it?

Designer Sterling Silver

Mary Elizabeth and I have been in the Jewelry Business now for over 30 years.

And during those years we have grown to LOVE Sterling Silver. Factually Mary Elizabeth started out selling 14K Gold. Gold was all the rage and it was actually relatively affordable at less than 200 per ounce.

It is beautiful too!

But she started getting requests for Sterling Silver and so our history of and relationship with Sterling Silver was born.

Mary Elizabeth

Here is a little-known story.

Back in the early '90s, I was not involved in the Jewelry Business, I was a Mortgage Broker. mary Elizabeth had just had our first daughter and we could not be happier. She had sold her jewelry business and had become a stay-at-home mom.

I had some trouble with night sweats and my hip would sometimes hurt so bad I could not go into the office. It was starting to get annoying and now Mary Elizabeth was pregnant with our second daughter.

Then disaster struck! She gave birth and it was her sister, not me who took her to the hospital, my brother-in-law took ME to a different hospital as I was in nearly as much pain as she was but for a different reason.

I had a severe kidney stone attack and while I was going through the process in the emergency room, the doctors discovered a large tumor and admitted me. I did not have the proper insurance so I was discharged and a week later was in another hospital which WOULD admit me. I spent ten weeks there and another year in Chemo-therapy.

I lost my business, my home, and almost my life. My wife, however, came through with flying colors, resurrecting her former jewelry business, family stepped in and helped and I recovered.

Dean Glosup

What does all this have to do with Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Well, we were out of the business and due to my illness, we got back in. I cannot thank our suppliers back them enough, they really stood behind us in our time of need, and from there we built a jewelry business, two actually, which eclipsed the former jewelry business we lovingly called "The Gold Mine".

Thus was born All About Accessories, Inc and Designer Sterling Silver dot com.

Both companies sell Sterling Silver. Why? Well initially it was because Gold had gone to about 1,500 per ounce from 200 and Silver was at about maybe 5.00 per ounce. We simply could not afford to sell Gold and could not afford to NOT sell Sterling Silver.

But we became famous for our Sterling Silver Jewelry.

We had secured a contract with Wal-Mart to do Road Shows at Sam's Clubs nationwide which we still do, though it all was stopped in 2020 due to COVID restrictions, we are resurrecting our shows in California.

Through the years we traveled the World evidenced by our earlier newsletters and blog posts and we have had a wonderful life for ourselves and our daughters, who are now entrepreneurs in their own right. Both of them.

We expanded our sales on-line through Amazon and our own website(s). and both of which are our best kept secret outlets for our Sterling Silver Jewelry...

We built through the years, a great company or family of companies.

And we are proud of these and proud of our relationships with our Silver Supplier and manufacturers, which are only the BEST in the World for you, our valued customers. Thanks for listening/reading this.

This newsletter is just a little about us.

I hope you found it interesting

Dean Glosup


Until next week, have a lovely week.
by Dean Glosup for
Mary Elizabeth
The Jewelry Lady
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