Jewelry of the World #3-1 Italia

Jewelry of the World #3-1 Italia


An Italy Story Continues

The last couple of weeks I covered our "business trip" to Italy. Below is a picture of our rental car. SWEET! An Audi A5 Turbo. I had no problem keeping a distance between those crazy Italian Drivers on the Highways and in comfort and style.

By the way as a side note, we booked our entire trip on American Express points AND through an American Express Concierge. It was pretty simple and we just told her we wanted to stay in resort hotels 4 stars and up and we certainly were not disappointed.

Our trip started in Venice. Where we stayed at a Hilton Hotel on the water (what isn't in Venice LOL). We were able to take a water taxi to the hotel and all around the Venice city area.

From there we went to A lovely Spa Hotel Resort called the Abano Ritz! The only issue there is they were an ITALIAN resort and did not like Americans haha. We stayed there through the Jewelry show for a few days so we drove back and forth from the Ritz to Vicenza. As a side journey, we stopped by (twice!) in Varona, home of Romeo, Juliet, and the Arena which I showed a picture of earlier.

In between our hotel and Vicenza was Castle Bartholomew. We could not get inside as it was closed for renovations but WOW was it cool. A medieval Town surrounded by a huge wall, turrets at the corners, and the Castle on the hill. Amazing!

From there we traveled south to Florence where we visited the Duomo there, WOW what a huge church!

From Florence, we again went south and stayed in a countryside resort near Siena. Siena is a mountain (sort of) town meaning that it is literally perched on cliffs. Again very medieval.

From Siena, we went to Tuscany where we had made arrangements to visit and inspect 5 Silver Jewelry Manufacturers that we contacted in Vicenza at the Jewelry show. We have been doing business with three of those factories since. They all made special Chains to our Specifications with our branded stamp on all the chains.

Then it was on to the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento. We drove through Naples and passed Mt Vesuvius. From there to Sorrento was through MILES of tunnels to the coast. Amazing.

I showed some pictures of Capri which we visited while in Sorrento. Amazing Island.

Which brings us to this episode. Having personally experienced the drivers of Italy, I had no desire to drive in Rome. So we dropped off our cat at the Rome Airport and hired a car to our last Hotel Resort. Right in the heart of Rome.

Rome, what can I say? I have seen it many times in movies, but to experience that history is spiritual literally. I will share some of our pictures below of that.

Thanks for traveling with us to Italy these last few weeks, it has been quite a ride.

Till next time enjoy the pics and see you next week.

Audi A5 Turbo

This is a picture of our rental car...

I simply cannot resist repeating a few shots from Capri before Roma... Indulge me.


This is Capri. It sits a 30 or so-minute boat ride from Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast where we were staying.

Among the attractions we saw were The Blue Grotto, Anacapri, and many other attractions. When we docked, I thought "what's the big deal with Capri" then I looked up and up and up and saw a but hanging off what looked like a hilltop and asked what the hell that was. I was told that that is the bus to Anacapri and that Anacapri is the best attraction in all of Capri... (see pictures below)

The Blue Grotto

This is the Blue Grotto as seen from inside. The only light comes in through the small 3' access hole in the distance.

Blue Grotto on Capri

Here is a picture of the Blue Grotto that I took from the inside.

Going in!!

And here is how one gets into the Blue Grotto...

But enough about that. Moving on. We still HAD to take the bus to Anacapri and here are some shots of THAT!!

The Road to Anacapri

The road to Anacapri from below!!

WOW! Looking down from Anacapri

Here is the view (one of them) from Anacapri. That is an actual walkway that goes all the way down to the Mediterranean. I did not walk that pathway...


This is the coliseum.

Spanish Steppes

Spanish Steppes


The coliseum.

Ancient Rone

Part of the Ancient City across from the Coliseum.

Our Rome Hotel

Our Hotel in Roma.

There was so much more than I can share here.

It was a truly once-in-a-lifetime adventure for us both. Better than China, Better than Bali or Bangkok. It was simply the best trip ever.

Thanks for letting me share this.

Until next week, have a lovely week.
Dean Glosup and
Mary Elizabeth
The Jewelry Lady

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