Our Prices are Better Than I Thought!

Our Prices are Better Than I Thought!

I went to the mall with my wife the other day and while she went shopping for some personal items, I thought I would stroll around and get nosy about my favorite subject - Sterling Silver Chains!

I waltzed up to the Jewelry Counter at an unnamed Anchor Store and waited while the lady in front of me was looking at and trying on some Sterling Silver Chains. I was trying to see the prices and was having trouble from behind her so I just sidled on up next to her and was admiring the chains right along side her.

I am sure the sales lady thought we were together, but we were not. She was looking at a 30" 2MM Singapore Chain and I finally was SHOCKED to see the sticker price at $109.99!!??!! The lady asked if there was a sale and the sales gal said of course, you get 60% off! I calculated that quickly n my head and said, hmmm that is like 60 bucks for that chain.

The lady turns to me and says "Is that high?" And of course I said well the reason I am so interested in these chains is that I sell them on line. She asked how much for this chain and if I sold this chain specifically...

I said, yes I sell a 30" Singapore chain like this for $28.00. She looked up from our conversation (which was quiet and out of earshot from the sales gal) and says, "Well ma'am I am going to come back later, let me think about it"

Then she turns to me and says sternly "COME with me!" I followed her 20 or so feet away and she asks me for my website and could she just buy it right now! I told her, of course, and she gave me her contact information and I emailed her the link for the chain on my website, SWEET!

So let's recap!

Their 30" Singapore Chain at full price = $109.99

Their Singapore Chain at a 60% Discount = $43.99

My EVERYDAY price for this same chain = $28.00

That is 75% less that their retail price and 35% less than their sale price.

OK, I like that.

Needless to say all the available chains were priced likewise. Oh and another thing. I asked the sales girl why she was selling off the display and she told me they always do that and never have any backstock. They had maybe 10 different styles and thicknesses and several different lengths but basically no duplicates at all and you had to just choose from what was on the little display. My selection on the other hand is 16 through 30" of all my styles and thicknesses 24/7 and with speedy delivery, it can be there in as little as two days.

One last point is that all these chains were being tried on by all sorts of women and being manhandled day and night until they are sold, whereas mine have been literally touched twice, once at the factory directly off the chain making machine, and once by my Quality Control gal who also packs the chains. So they are not only nickel free, they are virtually untouched by human hands as well. It just doesn't get any better than that!

Visit my store at www.designersterlingsilver.com 


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