Silver and Gold Together??!!?? ALERT THE FASHION POLICE!!!

Silver and Gold Together??!!?? ALERT THE FASHION POLICE!!!

According to the fashion police, (I just love the idea I get in my mind when I hear “the fashion police”), it’s okay to mix and match metals. Once it was seen as a fashion sin to mix different colours of metal.  It's a good darn thing it isn’t now because I’ve been doing it for years. What always had me in a quandary was my wedding ring. Of course it is yellow gold, right? Then I went and started a Silver Business. Actually I first started a gold business.

It’s so funny looking back. I had this gold business. I would sell in the phone companies and most of the hospitals in the state of California. How is that you might ask? It’s a valid question. I did fundraisers. For the phone companies it was for the Telephone Pioneers of America and for the hospitals it was for the auxiliary* usually. I would set up a display of earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants and I would sell to the employees at the phone company and to just about anyone in the hospitals but mainly the staff. Well of course I have digressed once again. So back to the subject of Silver.

It was in the early 90’s that I added Sterling Silver to my gold business. I thought what the heck and I would live dangerously. So I bought maybe 40 pairs of earrings. Well in the very first show with the silver earrings I practically sold out. Who knew? I literally had like 3 pairs left. It was like I had hit the gold mine, funnily enough, that was the name of my company - The Gold Mine. A slight problem similar to my gold wedding ring, my gold business was now selling silver. And you know what? I never looked back.

Below is a nice chart for choosing necklines for necklaces. I thought you might enjoy it. One rule for sure is to break any rules that you see fit.

 Necklines for Necklaces

Well, that is all for this one! 

Talk soon.

Mary Elizabeth

The Jewelry Lady

Designer Sterling Silver 


Accessory Snobs

*Auxiliaries are Volunteer organizations whose members perform work for the hospital without compensation

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