Simplest Way to Keep Your Sterling Silver Shiny...

Simplest Way to Keep Your Sterling Silver Shiny...

Honestly, the very best tip I can give you on keeping your jewelry in the best condition is to not sleep and bathe in it.

There, I said it! So please don't shoot the messenger but hear me out!

Simplest way to keep your sterling silver shiny...

Shine Bright

Hi, Mary Elizabeth here,

You purchased one or more of our .925 Sterling Silver Chains from our website (see below) or Amazon and therefore you have gotten an incredibly low price compared to retail. (about 50 to 80% less in fact) This series of tips are information to help you take better care of all your Sterling Silver Jewelry.

OK here it the actual tip again in case you missed it above:

You should not sleep in or bathe in your sterling silver jewelry.

But Why!?!

Sterling Silver and Gold Jewelry can be worn in the shower, BUT it might not keep it's shine over time. In the case of Sterling Silver Jewelry bought from us, you can certainly just re-purchase the piece 5 or 6 times before paying what you would retail-wise in a Jewelry Store so just this one tip will save you a lot of money.

I really do love all jewelry and have for a very long time. Any piece I buy is important to me no matter the price. I never sleep in my jewelry even though it can be a pain to take it off every night, I do and I also store it properly.

And I will try not to ever say this again. - until the next time! :-)

Mary Elizabeth, The Jewelry Lady

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