Storing Your Sterling Silver Correctly Makes ALL The Difference!

Storing Your Sterling Silver Correctly Makes ALL The Difference!

Quick tips on storing your sterling silver!

If you don’t have a treated jewelry box for sterling silver you need to store your silver in something pretty darn air tight such as a small plastic bag.
Important rule, never store two pieces of silver together. You never want silver touching silver.

Easy peasy... put your pendant in a plastic bag. You can put a little piece of aluminum foil in with it or a piece of plain white chalk.

If you have a favorite pendant you always wear on a particular chain store like this, 2 easy steps...

  1. Put just your pendant in a bag but your chain remains on the pendant. You want to kind of pull the chain taught and then...
  2. Put the pendant and the chain into another bag.
  3. And you are good to go! (see pictures above)

That is all for this edition, see you soon with some more tips for your Silver!

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