It All Started Back In The Late 80'S

Actually it started sooner than that. Mary Elizabeth managed jewelry kiosks in Chicago before we even met.

We did meet in 1985 and got married in 1986, and right after that Mary Elizabeth started her own business called "The Gold Mine" selling 14K Gold at Telephone Switchboard operators' building lunchrooms with the blessing of a group of Telephone Employees called the Telephone Pioneers of America.

A few years later she decided to also offer Sterling Silver Jewelry at the shows. The Sterling Silver Company was called All About Accessories and the Gold Jewelry was The Gold Mine.

These two went on until about 2003 when we found out that Sam's Club was looking for Road Show Vendors and we showed off our wares and they selected us to do Road Shows. We started in the Southgate Sam's Club. This was 18 years ago now and we still do Road Shows at Sam's Clubs in Southern California.

Fast forward to 2014, while still doing Road Shows with the All About Accessories Company, I started selling products on Amazon. Not Jewelry as Amazon at the time was not allowing sellers to sell Jewelry, at least no new ones. Until 2015.

So at that time in 2015, and ever since, we were selling at Road Shows under our All About Accessories name and at Amazon under our other Company with the brand name Designer Sterling Silver.


Our Sam's Club Display from 2015



We have done something different and unique on Amazon. We, as you can see from the image above offer a 100% Lifetime replacement warranty on ALL our Sterling Silver Chains.

We sell all sorts of Sterling Silver Jewelry on our website(s), both Accessory Snobs as well as Designer Sterling Silver.

BUT on Amazon, we offer the warranty on our chains as that is all we sell on there.

No one we have ever heard of has EVER offered a replacement warranty on Sterling Silver FOR LIFE. We do.

This does not apply to ALL our wares, just our Sterling Silver Chains on Amazon. But we will honor the warranty on either of our websites as well. Just reach out to us if you ever need to replace one of our chains.


Lastly, we are currently doing Road Shows at Various Sam's Clubs in Southern California. We are at Fountain Valley Sams Club through Sunday and if you like our Facebook page and set your notifications, we are announcing our shows through the end of the year as well there.

Here is the link to the most recent announcement...

Of course, we are better known through our Designer Sterling Silver website and Facebook Page

Like and follow us on both our Facebook Pages and visit both our websites... Or if you are in Southern California, stop by one of our shows and say hi!

Email us back and let us know what you think of our Newsletters.  Tell us what you liked, what you did not like, and some ideas for future Newsletters.

Until next week, have a lovely week.
by Dean Glosup and
Mary Elizabeth
The Jewelry Lady
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