This is WHY Your Sterling Silver Tarnishes...

This is WHY Your Sterling Silver Tarnishes...

Here are some tips on keeping your sterling silver nice and bright & shiny.

This is WHY your sterling silver tarnishes.

  1. Sterling Silver can and does tarnish. It is funny that if it tarnishes, that tells you that you have real sterling silver jewelry. If your silver jewelry doesn't tarnish, it may be because it is plated or not real .925 sterling silver.
  2. Pure silver itself (.999) does NOT tarnish, but it is generally not used  to make jewelry. Why not make our jewelry out of pure silver? Well, it’s just too darn soft to make jewelry with. That is why it is mixed with other metals, silver is even softer than gold. 

Simple Handling:

Things you can do to avoid the tarnishing process:

  1. When not wearing sterling silver, keep it in an air tight plastic bag. Of course, a treated jewelry box works perfectly fine too. Adding a small piece of aluminum foil is even better.
  2. Never store two or more pieces together. You do not want silver touching another piece of silver while stored if you can help it.
  3. There are many things that make the tarnishing process faster. Shampoos/soap, makeup, skin cream, sunscreen lotions, hairspray etc. Creams and makeup are the biggest culprit to tarnishing our silver. We recommend that you apply creams and/or makeup and let it soak in before putting on your silver jewelry.
  4. Some people swim, bathe and sleep in their Silver jewelry all the time. But we do not recommend that unless you have a simple method to clean and de-tarnish your silver easily.
  5. Sleeping in chains also accounts sometimes for hair getting caught in the chain. But I digress...
  6. Please email us back if you would like a copy of our most recent miracle recipe for cleaning our chains and your other silver. It is free for the asking.

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